Here's just one of the tools we use to help leaders understand how they can benefit from our powerful Speakership Program.


Speak to drive business

Fastest way to generate rapid business growth 

You or three of your key staff can drive more new qualified leads into your business by speaking to audiences than almost any other sales and marketing initiative around. It's about taking your message to the streets. Get on the front foot and build value packed presentations that knock their socks off. 

Go from knowing something to being known for knowing something. 

Speak to make a difference

How great leaders inspire others to act. 

The Corporate Speakership Program explores how great leaders use words that matter to influence and shape the direction and success of their organisation. Its not about whether you are nervous but rather how your messages can make a difference.  In all our programs we ensure they are about so much more than simply skills and capabilities, we ensure they also directly relate to your wildly important goals and primary business issues. 

Its about stepping up into influential leadership communication.

Speak to make a living

Launch your career as a paid professional speaker

Matt has probably trained more people to launch their careers as professional speakers than any other individual in the world. The International Professional Speakers Journal 'Speaker' recently recognised him as one of the 25 most influential people in the global speaking industry. He has been awarded the Nevin Award by the National Speakers Association of Australia - the highest recognition in the Australian speaking industry. He has personally done it all speech wise and still delivers 50 or more high impact paid professional presentations each year to a diverse range of audiences.

Launch your speaking career today.


There are three ways we can help you take your Speakership to a whole new level: 

DFY: We can Do it For You  - bringing one of our world-class Speakership Programs into your business and working directly with your people on your issues.

Enquire about an inhouse speakership program.

LTD: It can be be a Learn to Do -  process where you come and attend one of our hugely praised public programs. We run the ‘Week’ of programs in Sydney regularly and by invitation in other parts of the world as driven by demand.

Check out course dates and details online.

DIY: You can also choose to Do It Yourself - by going online to our "Just in time, just the way you like it" blended learning platform.

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